How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )

How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
How to Start a Blog : So friends! If you want to earn money online at home, then "Blogging" is the best way. Today, millions of people have started their career by creating their own blog, and you will not be convinced that thousands of blogs are being created every day. In this case, do not waste your time, start your blogging career from today. If you do not know How to create a blog?

Today's posts are for you. In this post we are going to give you complete information, so that you do not have any problem in blogging. Most blogs make mistakes when making blogs, due to which they leave blogging in the middle.

But this is not with you, that's why
We are going to give you information from the beginning to the last, in a single post. But before this, you should know what is the difference between the blog vs website and also you know that

What are the benefits of creating a blog ...

  • From the blog you can earn millions of rupees by sitting at home.
  • You can live Boss free life and find your dream.
  • You will not need to wake up every morning to go to work to earn money.
  • Blogging lets you create your own identity.
  • From the blog you can earn so much money in years, as soon as possible you can earn from your job in your entire life.
  • Blogging You can do part time or full time.
  • You can create blogs on the same topic you are interested in.
  • You do not need any coding to create a blog.

There are lots of blogging benefits in this way too...

But here you have to keep some things in mind. like-

  • Blogging not just for money purposes?
  • Blogging is easy to start, but it is a bit difficult to grow.
  • You have to be patient in blogging, because initially it takes time to bring traffic to the blog.
  • Do not start blogging by looking at a bigger blogger, or else you will leave it sooner later.
  • Before creating a blog, first of all know what kind of things are needed before creating a blog and how to create a blog.
  • If you start by doing a good plan in the beginning, then you can succeed.
  • You must follow those blogs that are related to your niche ....

How to create a blog?

So let's talk now, how do I create a blog? But here's one thing, that you must be confused, whether to start in the blogging free or investing some money? As people start worrying about putting money in blogging and think that if they fail then their money will be wasted.
But their thinking is right ..

Because, people who start work without thought, they have to fail once in life.

That is why whenever you start a work, get complete information about it, then start it. You will never fail. And the same thing applies to blogging.

Best Blogging Ideas

Often those people fail in blogging, who start blogging without knowledge. I hope you understand what I want to say. So let's go again, know how to create a blog in simple 10 Steps ... ..

Step 1 Choose your Niche (Topic)

Now the first question that comes in everyone's mind and people who do not decide most, what blog should be made on niche? But before I tell you what blog should be made on niche, before you know the defination of the niche ....

What is the Niche?

Niche is the main topic in Blogging, which we have to focus on. Just like if you are creating a blog on Health Niche, you have to put all the posts related to health related. In this you can write post on different categories such as yoga, exercises & diet, as it comes only under the health niche. That's why Niche is the main topic. Those who have to write posts by keeping in mind.

How to check the exact Niche for yourself?

Here the new blogger has the biggest problems, which is the best niche for me? So here I am telling you some tips, with the help of which you can choose the best for yourself. Because blogging is a long term job where you have to work till the length of time, so be sure to focus on the following statements.

Keep these things in mind while serving the best niche for yourself: -

  1. Your Dream: Everybody has any dream of becoming something since childhood. If you have a dream, then you can also make your blog related to that dream. Just like if you want to be a bodybuilder, So you can select the health related niche. You can be the best in this.
  2. Your interest: If you have the most interest in any work, then you can select blogging niche accordingly. As if you are more interested in mobile and computer, you can make your blog tech tips & tricks related. Where you can publish mobile and computer related blog posts.
  3. Your Habits: If you have a gift that you can not leave, then do not let your habit become weak, but make it your strength. As you have become a habit of photography, you can also make your blog related to photography and cameras.

Recognize your passion and start your blogging career accordingly. So let's move on to next step in How to Start a Blog ...

Step 2. Choose Blogging Platform

Next step is to how to create a blog-. Which blogging platform are best for blogging? What happened earlier was that if you had to create a website or blog, then you had to learn coding language like HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, Java Script and MySQL. But now CMS platform has come in the market.

What is CMS?

Now many such blogging platforms have come in the market, with the help of which you can easily create your blog / website without any coding. These blogging platforms are called CMS, known as Content Management System, which help you manage your content. Uploading photos, videos and audio and publishing your blog post helps you work without any coding.

Example of CMS: -

  1. Blogspot
  4. WIX
  5. Weebly

There are also many blogging platforms which are being used to create a blog these days.

Which Blogging Platform Are Greatest?

The most commonly used ones are, Blogspot or WordPress. Both are free and easy to use. But what are the differences between Blogspot vs WordPress,
Over 60% of the blogs on the internet are made on WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular these days and other bloggers are leaving the rest of the platform and coming to wordpress. We will also advise you that if you make your career in blogging then you should also use wordpress, which will not be a problem later.

But here's a problem ...

WordPress also has two platforms: Hosted and Second Self-Hosted | Next I am explaining about them ..

Hosted: Hosted blogs are free, but there are bad drawbacks due to which people like them less. Use these blogs to teach students blogging. is a hosted blogging platform, with being a blog built on it. Example |

Self-Hosted: Self Hosted blog requires a small cost at the beginning. You have to buy hosting and domain to create self hosted blog. Most self-hosted blogs are made only on and these ranks too early.

What are the differences between vs -

  1. You do not need domain and hosting.
  2. Themes are very low in option.
  3. Can not use any plugin.
  4. You have to put with the name of the blog.
  5. Your control over blogs is very low
  6. Ranking the blog is very difficult. -

  1. You have complete control over the blog.
  2. Themes and plugins have no limits
  3. Your blog ranks quickly
  4. You can place any ads.
  5. You can customize the blog as you like.
  6. Blogs are more seo friendly.

That's why I would recommend you platform as blogs on it are SEO friendly and rank fast. Blogs created on another blogging platform will never have to shift to Sometimes free things can cost you dearly, so take the right decision now ... ..!

So let's move on to next step in How to Start a Blog ...

Step 3. Pick a Domain Name

Next step comes in how to create a blog - Domain Name | If you create your blog on Blogspot and, then you do not need to buy domain. But to create a free blog, you have to use their extension with your domain, like - or

These domains are not seo friendly anymore and it is very difficult to rank them. So if you want to rank your blog early and want to make a great career in the future, then you have to spend a little bit in the beginning.

Because ,

"You can never become rich by saving money, rather you have to invest money to become rich."

For this, buy a great domain. Which and how to buy the domain are explained in the following detail ... ..

What is the Domain Name?

Every website on the Internet has an IP address, with the help of which search engine detects that website / blog. These IP address keys are like this ( Now if you have to look at a blog or website, you should know its IP address. Now it is very difficult for any man to remember such a huge IP address.

That's why a great solution has been given. That was the solution - Domain Name | Because the domain name is easy for people to remember, the blog / website's domain name is connected to its IP address.

When we search the domain of any website on the browser like -, then the server searches the internet with its IP address, and shows the right website in front of you.

So let us now know which domain will be right for our blog ...

Which domain are the best for blog?

People get confused at the very top, which domain they buy, or which domain are right for their blog that can rank quickly. If you are in the same tension, then you should pay attention to the next part, because this is the blog, which we can not change later. That is why buying a domain for your blog, keep an eye on certain points,

Keeping the following steps in mind while purchasing the domain: -

  • Domain should be according to the niche of your blog.
  • Domain should always be short, which are easy to remember.
  • There should be no number in the domain like -,
  • Include the keyword in the domain.
  • Domain so that it can be remembered quickly.
  • Always try to get .com domain.
  • Domain does not try to match the domain of another blog.
  • Your blog's domain should be unique.

The Best Offer from Domain?

So far, to buy a domain, the domain is always taken from the popular website, so that whenever you get any problems related to the domain, you can connect with their Supporting Team and solve your problem.

Right below, I am giving you the name of some popular website, from which you can buy domain. The prices of these websites are different.

Best domain provider in India: -

  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Bluehost
  • Namecheap
  • Hostgator

Here's the point of happiness for you that Bluehost gives its user domain free with hosting. If you buy a hosting from Bluehost, then you will get the domain free, and it has another benefit, this will not require you to connect the domain with the hosting.

So let's move on to next step in How to Start a Blog ...

Step 4: Find a Hosting Provider

next step is how to create a blog - Web Hosting | Well that is hosted (blogspot, blogs, they do not need hosting. But they have many drawbacks, which I have already told.

 Self-Hosted Blogs are always more than hosted blogs. Blogs with custom domain are also ranked early and people also trust them. But creating self hosted blogs requires hosting, where your blog files are kept.

Most people are afraid to buy hosting because they do not want to invest money. If you want to be just rich

In this round, they use free hosting, which they have to lose later.

So let us first know about hosting in detail ....

What are Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the place to store the website at any place. Like to watch a movie in a PC, then you have to save that movie in PC first. In order to open the website in the same way, we also have to save files on websites such as HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP and media (imag, video, audio), then we can access that website.

That's why if you want to see the website online,

All the files on the website have to be kept online on the Internet. Now keeping your PC online for 24 hours is very difficult. To solve this problem, large companies hold large servers (computers) 24 hours online.

Now, whichever website is put online, the person purchases a little space from that server and in turn gives money to those companies. Web Hosting makes money on their type ...

Web Hosting Types & Benefits: -

 1). Shared Webhosting: -

  • To handle less traffic
  • Low Price
  • Best for new bloggers

 2). VPS Webhosting: -

  • Handle medium traffic
  • Value for money
  • Secure
  • Loading speed more than Shared hosting

 3). Dedicated Webhosting: -

  • Highly secure
  • Handle High Traffic
  • Very fast Loading Speed
  • expensive

Buying Best Blog Hosting for Blog?

How to create a blog is the most focused topic - From where and how to buy webhosting | Well many webhosting companies are in the market, which provide you the hosting, there are many more of them hosting at cheap prices.

disadvantage of free hosting But I would not recommend taking hosting from any of these websites, where you have to face difficulties later.

Never fall into the free-round, otherwise you will have to take a big loss of it later. You can give  water in your hard work.

Most of us spend our time trying to use tricks and free, but if we do the same thing according to the right way and plan, then we can complete the work in half of the time.

If we use the right way in blogging and continue to do our work continuously, then we can make our blog very successful in a very short time.

Best Webhosting for blogs: -

For your blog, I would recommend you hosting the BlueHost and Hostgator as both of these companies are also popular and their team support is also good. These are good hosting offers for the new blog. There are millions of customers in India, who are using their hosting.

In both of these you can use anybody's hosting, but Bluehost is giving you a free domain with hosting, which is a Plus point for you. With Bluehost you can get hosting for one year, which will be available at your cheap price. |

Benefits of Bluehost Hosting: -

  • Best Support Team
  • 99.9% uptime mountaineer
  • Popular & Trusted
  • fast & secure
  • 4.5+ Users rating
  • Free Domain
  • 30 money back guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate

So let's move on to next step in How to Start a Blog ...

Step 5: Setup Your Blog

 Next step comes in how to create a blog - WordPress to install | Follow the steps mentioned below to install WordPress ....

How to install WordPresspress in Bluehost: -

  • Bluehost hosting After purchasing, create your password.

How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
  • How to change the password of bluehost

  • Now let us select a strong password and after checking the agreement, click Next.
    How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
  • Login now | bluehost dashboard You will now have lots of themes in front of you, but you have to click on Skip this step below.
    How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
  • click on Start Buildings
    How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
  • Now in the last step you have to click on I do not need help.

Congratulaions have installed your WordPress.

So let's move on to next step in How to Start a Blog ...

Step 6: Important Settings of Blog

Next step in How to create a blog is - important settngs | Now here the new blogger makes the biggest mistake often, after installing WordPress, start writing direct blog posts without making the important settings of wordpress.

I'm telling you some settings here It is very important to get started before starting the blog, Because later on these settings are faced with a lot of problems. Carefully manage these settings ...

Important wordpress settings: -

1). Delete Default User: -
The biggest contribution to any website or blog is from Admin. If the admin's username or password is easy, Hacker makes it easy to hack your website. First of all, let us add a new user.

How to delete default user
How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )

When adding a new user, you can enter username and password strong, which hacker can not easily hack.

After adding new user, delete the default user.

2) Delete defult Post and Page: -

WordPress blog already has default page and post add. It is very important to delete them, otherwise if you delete it later 404 error is caused.

Delete default post
How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )

There are already posts in the blog named Hello world, to delete them, go to Dashboard> All Posts and click on the trash at the bottom of the post.

To delete the default page, go to Dashboard> Pages> All Pages and delete that page.

3) WordPress General Settings: -

Click on Dashboard> Settings> General to make WordPress's general settings ...

  • Site Title: Enter the name of your website.
  • Tagline: Write a tagline for your website / blog such as -
  • WordPress Address (URL): It will already be filled, let it remain the same.
  • Site Address (URL): Do not even change it.
  • Email Address: Add an email to the notification of wordpress here.
  • Membership: Let it remain unchecked.
  • New User Default Role: Anyone who logs in to your website, should choose what role should be there. Here you select Subscriber.
  • Site Language: Select the language of wordpress.
  • Timezone: Select your time zone. (India = UTC + 5: 30)
  • Date & Time Format: choose the format of date and time.

Now click on Save in the Last ...

4) Create Important Page: -
After installing WordPress, you must create some important pages. Creating these pages will give the user the information about your blog and its goal, along with the trust of the user will also be more on your blog, which are finesome for the ranking of blogs.

The list of these pages is as follows ...

  • About us,
  • Contact us,
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaime

Creating these pages gives you an instant Adsense Approve.

5) Change Permalink (very important): -
The most important setting in how to create a blog is permalinks. If the link to your post is not seo friendly then it is very difficult to rank the blog. The link to any blog post is as small and easy to understand, the better it will be for the blog. You can see which links are SEO friendly and which user can easily understand. To change parmalink in WordPress go to Dashboard> Settings> Permalinks. change permalinks

Default permalink is Day & Name, which is not right for your blog. You can select your parmalink on the post name. All proffessional bloggers select this option only. Keep one thing in mind here that changing the parmalinks later is very difficult, do not change it first or else many errors are created later.

Now let's move on to next step in How to Start a Blog ....

Step 7: Design Your Blog

How to create a blog is the next step, to design a blog. Try to make blog as simple and easy as possible. Most of the new bloggers go to design blogs by looking at big blogs, in which, they make their blog slow and ugly, due to which the user gets shuffled from visiting their blog again.


In WordPress you will get a benefit and they are unlimited themes. Yes, in WordPress you will find many free themes. Which you can install and give your blog a great design. Right below, I'm telling you the names of free and paid themes which are great ...

Top 5 Free WordPress Themes: -

  • Hueman
  • GeneratePress
  • Colormag
  • schema lite
  • Astra

Top 5 Paid WordPress Themes: -

  • Genesis Framework
  • Publisher 
  • NewsPaper 9
  • Divi
  • Avada

Note: If you have low budget then you can use free theme, but if you have a budget, I would recommend you premium theme because using free and nulled theme threatens to hack your website.

Benefits of using Premium Theme: -

  • Fully SEO Friendly
  • Responsive design
  • Highly Secure
  • Fast Loading speed
  • Team Support
  • Clean Coding
  • Ragular Updates

Read next step of how to Start a Blog ...

Step 8: Install important Plugins

The best features in WordPress are plugin install. In, you can add any feature to your blog by installing any plugin. Here I am telling you some of the main plugins, which are necessary to install and activate ....

Important Plugins for new blogs: -

Akismet Anti-Spam: Install this plugin already. These plugins block spam comments. If someone tries to add a bad website link to your blog via a comment, then they are able to detect it.

Contact Form 7: This plugin is used to create contact form. So far this plugin has been installed on more than 1 million websites. With the help of this, creating form is very easy. You do not need any coding for this.

Yoast SEO: To rank any blog post, it is important to type seo friendly and Yoast SEO is the best plugin for writing SEO friendly posts. Install it in your blog and set it up completely.

Updraft Plus: New blog is the most dangerous hacker. It is important that you continue to get your blog backed up. Updraft is the best plugin and it backs up your website and stores that backup online, on Google storage, like online storage like Dropbox.

Smush: The speed of the blog is necessary for fasting, compressing the image used on it and Smush is the best plugin for that. This reduces the size of the image.

iThemes Security: To protect your blog from hacker, it is necessary to secure it. For the security of the website, I will recommend you iThemes Security plugin, because its free version also has many great features which are enough to secure your blog.

W3 Total Cache: These are the best cache plugins. Which helps improve the speed of your blog. This plugin has great cache speed and has lots of features that make your blog fast.

These were the plugins that you should install immediately after creating a blog. So let's go now to the next step of how to create a blog ...

Step 9: Create Your 1st Post

After fully setting up the blog, you have to start writing a post and keep posting regularly, according to your blog's Niche. The most important thing to rank any blog is its content, if you do not write content good then the user will close your blog without reading the post, which has the direct bearing on the ranking of the blog. That is why content in Blogging is called Content is King.

So let us now know how to write posts in WordPress ...

First, click on Dashboard> Posts> Add New.

How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )

  1. Here you write the title of your post.
  2. This is a toolbar that lets you add heading, bold, font-color, listing and link to a post.
  3. Here you write your content. How to Start a Blog
    How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
  4. Here you can add the tittle of the post that you want to show in the search engine and if you want to show the above title in the search, then let it remain the same.
  5. In this field, you can add a link to the post, like if you are writing a post on How to create a blog, then how to create a blog in blog.
  6. In this field, you wrote the discription of the post and you wrote less than 150 words and here you also add a keyword. how to create a blog.
    How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
  7. Here you can add category, the category of posts you are writing. Like if you are writing a post about blogging, then add Blogging Categories.
  8. Here you can add tags.
    How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
  9. With this option you can add a featured image of your post. Featured image is those that show in the home page or blog page.
    How to create a blog In Just 10 Steps ( Complete Beginner’s Guide )
  10. With this option you can save the post.
  11. If you want to see your post how it will look after publishing, then click on the preview.
  12. When you complete the post, you can publish it with this option.

Congratulations ... you have published your first post.

Step 10: Promote Your Blog Post

Now the biggest problem for new bloggers - bring traffic to the blog. Because when we publish the blog, it takes a lot of effort to come in and rank in the search. That is why traffic on the blog is equal to no. That's why in order to bring traffic to the blog in the beginning, you have to promote your blog yourself. Writing posts only will not bring traffic.

Some bloggers write 15-20 posts, and when they see that traffic does not come to their blog, they make up their minds to leave the blog.

but ,

never give up You do not have to give up and keep writing a good post in a consistent schedule.


As your blog becomes obsolete, the ranking of your blog will increase, the traffic will also increase on your blog.

Successful bloggers never give up and this is a big difference, in a successful blogger and un-successful blogger,

So now let me tell you that step with which you can bring good traffic to your blog ....

How to promote your blog: -

  • Put a social share icon in your blog post.
  • Share the post on social media.
  • Join all the groups on Whatsapp that are made on your topic and share the post.
  • Create a facebook page of your blog.
  • Join the related facebook groups of your niche and answer the user's questions and also about your blog in between.
  • Comment on another blog, you will also get backlink and traffic.
  • Submit guest post to your other related blogs below.
  • Write a post on Long Tail Keyword, this will rank your post soon.
  • Respond to quora on your quotes and add a link to your post.
  • Join as many platforms as far as your blog is concerned about.
  • Just add your blog's link to your profile's Bio on Instagram.
  • Try as much as you can to trust other big bloggers, post their posts and keep up a good comment on their blog, so that you have a great impression in their eyes. They can help you grow your blog.

Final Thoughts: Always keep an eye on the fact that in the beginning, blogs take time to rank, you write a post and do not skip your schedule any time. If you do this, then you will get success quickly.

While creating most of the blogger blog, information is read from different blogs, in which, when creating and setting up a blog in the circle, many mistakes are made, which is the biggest reason for failing in their blogging. Looking at this, I wrote a complete post on how to create a blog, so that you do not make any mistake while making a blog.
If you find this post good, then share it - Best of Luck for your Blogging Career!


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