Jordan ban imposed on PUBG, said- children's life being wasted.

Jordan ban imposed on PUBG, said- children's life being wasted
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Arab country Jordan has banned popular mobile game PUBG Mobile. In this way Jordan has become the fifth country to ban PUBG. Before that, there has been a ban on PUBG Mobile in Iraq, Nepal, India (Gujarat) and Indonesian Province Ace.

Government officials in Jordan Say on the ban of PUBG that PUBG mobile game is very violent and has a negative impact on the citizens of the country. The condition is that people have stopped reading books in the wake of PUBG. It has been said by the government that PUBG mobile is ruining children. Kids are playing hours about.

At the same time it has been said in the order that if any government employee is found playing in a Pubg in his institute then strict action will be taken against him. Many people have lost their life in India and many have made the thieves to buy phone to play Pubg in their own house.

Let psychologists say that, playing a game of pubg game has a very bad effect on health. Children from this game are becoming violent and irritable. Also, the effect of the game is also on their eyes and apart from that they are becoming mentally weak.

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